29 Nov 2012

Stardust - Student Entrepreneurship Conference

- Creating growth companies in Denmark vejle.casino

- The perspective of Martin Thorborg, founder of Jubii


To celebrate the launch of our new Talent Network for students who are interested in a career in a startup, we will host a conference on entrepreneurship for all students at the universities of the Capital Region as well as our partners and actors in the startup community.

Martin Thorborg - Founder of Jubii

Mikkel Trym, CEO of CIEL - Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab

Peter Torstensen, CEO of Symbion

Christian Vinthergaard, CEO of The Foundation of Entrepreneurship


5 Nov 2011

From Patent to Business

25 business students and 25 technical students tivoli.casino get the chance to turn a real patent into a businessplan.


27 Apr 2011

Stardust-CBS Startup Stories

We continue the success of last year and bring two exciting speakers in for open dialog about their experiences in becoming entrepreneurs.


30 Mar 2011

Stardust-CBS Startup Stories

Stardust-CBS is hosting another exciting entrepreneurship event for you on 30th March. “142 sustainabilities” means One event For Two types of sustainabilities.


9 Mar 2011

Creating a diversified team!

Why is it so important to have a diversified team?

We have invited the Startup Shape to tell about their experiences with creating and maintaining their team.

Also we will get a chance to talk about Matchmingler!

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